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TLC School is an after school English program for students in primary school that want to speak English proficiently by the time they are 18. In order to do so students need to be exposed to 1200 of academic exposure and have a structured curriculum which spans over ten years.  The ideal learning curve where learning is easy and pleasurable is achieved when students reach their first milestone in English language learning by the time they are in CM2.  This is what TLC SCHOOL provides.

TLC SCHOOL is part of The Turner Learning Center. It follows the TLC curriculum for primary students with the objective of bringing them up to A2 of the CEFR Level by the time they complete primary school in CM2. 

The lessons are taught in small groups of maximum 6 children, in each class, of the same age and the same English language level.  The lessons take place once a week for one and a half hours divided into two separate lessons of 45 minutes each. Each 45-minute module is taught by a different teacher to ensure maximum student concentration and participation. One teacher will teach the foundational aspect of language learning being phonetics, grammar and vocabulary while the other teacher will be focusing on functional language skills which include reading, writing, listening and speaking.

TLC SCHOOL was created after some parents asked for group lessons as they considered learning in a group more interactive and better suited to their child’s needs.  TLC took a while to set this programme up as they were concerned about maintaining the high quality they offer in their one to one classes.  The complexity of group classes is that they can only be effective if there is a common long-term and short-term objective as well as ensure that the students within each class are working to the same level. This is only possible if all parties : teachers- parents-students-agree to a long term and short term goal that is viable for all.  


To ensure your child’s success TLC has created TLC SCHOOL with the following in mind:

  1.  A structured admissions process.
  2. Only students starting in CP can signup for a year and decide not to continue.

Students starting in CE1 are expected to commit morally for the four-year programme.  This is to ensure that the classes have academic stability for your child.

  1. TLC along with the student and parents take the responsibility of bringing each child to the A2 level of the CEFR by CM2.  This is done by:

  •     TLC provides the students with a clear curriculum that is ambitious but achievable.

o   Students are provided with the academic course material for each year.

o   They are provided with access to an online homework app to help them learn their vocabulary without parent help ensuring all students have equal opportunities.

o   They are expected to learn 10 new words a week along with phonetics and grammar support. Which is very achievable!

o   Homework is available on facebook or twitter for parents to be clearly informed of what is expected on a weekly basis.

o   They are assessed three times in the academic year at specifc dates already predefined in the yearly calendar.  This enables for structured planning and revising.

 Parents recieve three report cards and are informed if homework has been regular or not, if their child is on track or not and invited to a free booster sessions if falling behind. 

  • Parents are to commit to their child having limited absences as this disrupts not only their personal learning but that of the other students in the class.  Students absent in a given week can catch up to another class of the same level within the same week.  This is because learning intentions are similar in all same level classes of the same week.Parents also have to monitor that homework is done.

  • Students commit to doing their homework regularly (5-10 minutes DAILY) and treat TLC SCHOOL as an integral part of their schooling. Even though TLC is not part of their main school education it is part of their personal growth and should be treated as such.

  • Should despite all parties committing to the above, a child still falls behind in their learning objectives, then TLC takes the responsibility of inviting the student in for a or several booster sessions, which they will be expected to attend.  These sessions are free but obligatory if the student wishes to continue the following year. TLC believes that no student should be left behind. The booster sessions are always held during the Toussaint break and first week in July.

With all this no student is left behind at TLC! Offering a TLC education to your child is offering them English for life!


Registration for 2017-2018 is now open. The schedule below indicates which classes are still available to book. Max 6 students per class.



If you are in CP or CE1 in 2017-2018

If you are a beginner in English

If you wish to speak English fluently at the age of 18

If you are willing to do regular homework (5-10 minutes a day)

If your parents are willing to use Facebook and twitter for communication purposes

If you are in CE1 in 2017-2018 and wish to commit for 4 years.




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